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FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. specialises in the production of machinery for wastewater treatment plants for both industrial processes and urban installations. The products are divided mainly into:

Screens – Conveyor Belts – Spiral Conveyors – Sand washers – Bridge Scrapers, Controlled Removal Bridge Scrapers, Central Drive Bridge Scrapers – Flocculators/Clarifiers – Sludge Thickeners – Traversing Bridges – Sand Separators – Chain Bridge Scrapers – Chain Skimmers – Rotary Distributors – Lagoon Sludge Removal Devices – Rotary Drum Filters – Sluice Gates - Exhaust Valves.

The special features of our products are:

high quality, reliability and high level of product innovation to increase the advantages to the end-users of our products, i.e. the plant managers; automation; the use of low-corrosion materials (304 and 316 stainless steel); reliable leading brands of components from top Italian and international manufacturers, and innovative technological solutions - all these things allow managers to make savings in terms of plant machine management and maintenance, as well as giving lasting performance. Particular attention is paid to the safety of plant operators who have to manage our machinery. The result is that production companies, service companies, companies taken over by the municipality and consortia can allow themselves to devote their workforce to other projects and limit management costs over time.

The production cycle is based on the following phases:

  • examination of plan for intervention and results to be achieved.
  • study and planning of most suitable machinery for the purpose.
  • direct in-company production of individual components or purchase of these by the company from external suppliers who will carry out the processing according to data supplied to them.
  • installation of machinery in the plant at the client’s construction site.

Installations for companies are chosen taking into account the fact that production must remain at high quality levels, and at the same time they must be flexible and dynamic to meet our clients’ all-round needs. To this we must add that with our highly specialist staff, with their skill and great experience accumulated over many years of working with us, we are in a position to deal with all client requirements, including emergencies and the management of complicated situations.